Dr. White™ Tooth Whitening System Q&A

Scaling done at the dental office achieves the same results as Dr. White™ tooth whitening?

Scaling removes tartar and treat periodontal diseases. Dr. White™ works on tooth whitening and rejuvenating the natural opalescence of teeth, plus its antibacterial effects can keep your fresh breath.

Can I use Dr. White™ if I have periodontal diseases?

If you have gum swelling and bleeding on brushing, please consult your dentists first as these are sign of periodontal disease.

Why are there wide variations in tooth whitening charges? Say in Europe it cost $9000-$12000. In Hong Kong $6000-$8500. Do they differ from the tooth whitening procedures which costs 3000-8000RMB in mainland China?

In Mainland China, tooth whitening typically costs more than cleaning and these differences are more marked in Europe as is in Hong Kong. Apart from the armamentarium, the whitening gel is also critical in tooth whitening. Many users have reported brighter and whiter teeth using Dr. White™.

Advices for first-time Dr. White™ users.

Firstly, use warm water to mold the mouth trays. We suggest water temperature of around 75-80 Degree Celsius (Home use water boilers). If the mouth trays do not fit properly, please soften again in warm water and remold. Make sure that the month trays are nicely fitting, giving you the best whitening effects.

Can Dr. White™ whiten porcelain or false teeth?

Dr. White™ cannot whiten the base color of these false teeth, but can remove the superficial staining on these teeth.

Is Dr. White™ effective on tetracycline stained teeth?

We suggest magic power tooth whitening system to brighten the deeply stained tetracycline staining.

What should I do if I have accidentally swallowed the whitening gel?

In normal circumstances, the whitening gels are contained inside the mouth trays, if accidental ingestion has happened, please drink ample water.

How long is the shelf life of Dr. White™ home use tooth whitening kit?

The unopened packages have 3 years of shelf life and we suggest finishing the whitening gel within six months after the package is opened.

Is Dr. White™ suitable for everyone?

Dental consultants suggest to refrain using Dr. White™ if you are under 16 of age, pregnant or breastfeeding.

During the whitening procedure, shall I refrain from smoking cigarette, eating curry, drinking tea, coffee and red wine? Are there anythings else I should avoid?

Experts suggested using the Dr. White™ booster refill to maintain the whitening effects without making changes to your lifestyle.

How long is the Dr. White™ tooth whitening treatment? And how long does the whitening effect last?

Dr. White™ tooth whitening treatment takes 6 days, 15 minutes daily. According to clinical results, the whitening effects usually last 6 months to 2 years. (Depending on your daily intake of colored beverages and food. Dr. White™ booster refill is suggested to maintain the whitening effect.)

How effective is Magic Blue?

Magic Blue uses carbamide peroxide and a blue light as an adjunct.

This technique combines the safety of carbamide peroxide and effectiveness of light activated whitening.

And the color of teeth have shown to lighten to a greater extent than using just the gel alone (JADA 2003;134(2):167 75).

Is the Magic Blue safe to use?

The patent pending Magic Blue light transmitter is not a laser.
It is a specially designed lamp that shines a gentle blue light at the wavelength of 460-475Nm on your teeth.
It works in tandem with our Magic Gel to accelerate the whitening process. This light has been clinically proven safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums, and other soft tissues.
It virtually emits no heat and no UV (ultraviolet) light.
Our lamps are uniquely designed to illuminate teeth uniformly ensuring natural results.
Electrical safety testing (EMC and EN60825 tests) have also been done to make sure that it is safe for home use.
The Magic Gel and Magic Trays are manufactured under the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration of America, and have been used used for home belching for 20 years.

How should the kit be stored?

The kit should be stored out of heat and light.

What is the Magic Gel made up of?

Magic Gel contains 22% carbamide peroxide and buffered at a near neutral pH that is compatible with tooth enamel.

The gel also contains other ingredients such as glycerin and highly purified water to prevent tooth dehydration and to further ensure safety.

What if I have sensitive teeth?

People with sensitive teeth love Magic Blue because they can use it for as little as 15 minutes.
However, if sensitivity does occur, it is usually temporary and should go away within a few days.

What are the likely side effects?

You may experience some mild soft tissue irritation and transient sensitivity, discolored teeth are usually caused by accumulation of staining on the surfaces of teeth. And if these stainings are not removed, teeth will become more yellowish with time, thus affecting your smile. It is common to experience some transient sensitivity during the whitening process. This is a sign telling you that the whitening is underway just like the lactic acid build up after exercising. To minimize this sensitivity before or after whitening, we suggest our desensitizing Magic Treatment Kit to ensue a perfect and healthy smile.

How do I keep my new, beautiful smile?

Your teeth are porous and will re-stain over time.

We suggest that you use Magic Blue every six months to maintain your beautiful smile.

You can also use Magic Blue before going out to an important event, a dinner engagement or whenever you feel your smile does need a little boost.

Will the whitening process do any damage to tooth structures?

Clinical studies have shown that carbamide peroxide will not cause any structural or morphological changes of enamel, and therefore the procedures involved are not caustic or corrosive.

What is the major production procedure of Dr. White™ Tooth Whitening System?

Production Procedure

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Dr. White™’s Production Facility located in the USA meets the Clean Room standard.

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Packaging in progress is controlled by our automatic system.

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Logistics control is handled by FIFO (First In First Out).