To possess great white teeth, it has never been easier, years of stains from tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco are almost magically removed in no time. You can simply do it yourself at home. It’s that simple.

Why do I need Dr. White™?

The desire for beauty is the nature of human. Possession of white teeth is a sign of social stature, health, and youth. Dr. White™, the state-of-the-art tooth whitening system, can make your teeth shine like an angel. You can now experience the joy of using Magic Blue in the convenience of your own home, with brilliant results comparable to professional care. You will soon have that glamorous smile that you have always wanted.


It has been clinically proven that blue light is safe to tooth structure, skin tissue and gums, and Magic Blue light transmitter has passed the SGS CE safety test*. All whitening gel and mouth traus are manufactured in USA and regulated by U.S.Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have passed the SGS tests**.

* EN55014, EN55022, EN61000
** 2025905/BS, 2025906/BS, 2025907/BS, HKGEC1300043901

For only 15 minutes a day, staining that has built up over the years becomes history. Find Out More